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We are seeking contributions for the following:

1. Assistive devices for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

  • Light Weight wheelchairs (about RM 1,700)
  • Motorize wheelchair (about RM6,000)
  • Medical cushion (about RM 2,300)
  • Battery and Charger (about RM 2200)
  • Diapers (sizes: baby M, adult M & L), Urine bags, Catheters.

2. Daily household necessities

  • Detergent (Toilet, Dishes, Floor & Clothes)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Garbage bag (Big & Small)
  • Dish sponge
  • Dettol
  • Body & Hair Shampoo,
  • Toothpaste, tooth brush, etc.

3. Food items:

  • Milo, Nestum, Oat, Condensed Milk, Milk Powder, Tea, Sugar, Nescafe, Coffee (3 in1 mix), Fruit Juice,
  • Instant noodles, Biscuits, Barley, Red or Green beans.
  • Eggs, Potato, Onion (Big & Small), Garlic.
  • Cooking Oil, Oyster Sauce, Soya Sauce, Tepung Ubi, Tepung Gandum, Mee Hoon, Canned food, Rice.

4. Operational cost for 8 centres
We spend more than RM 150,000.00 per month to operate all the eight centres. We provide food, lodging, transport service, various training programs, financial assistance, assistive devices, and advancement in fees for education to 120 PWD residents. In addition to that, we also organize activities, provide employment assistance, information service, counselling service and various skill training to more than 2000 PWD non-residents and parents.

5. Building project funds
Klang Centre – In need of RM1.5 million to buy 2 houses for a permanent centre and renovation.
Melaka Centre – In need of RM5 million to build own building.
Monetary donations to Beautiful Gate Foundation are tax deductible. We wish to appeal for your support to enable us to commit to our programs & services for PWD individuals to fulfil their potential.

For further details, please contact Ms. Ivy at 03-7873 6579/ 019-3849941, or email: info@beautifulgate.org.my

Support persons with
disabilities make a living!