Educational Centre

Beautiful Gate Educational Centre For The Disabled Kampar, Perak

Since 1999

Address: 1603, Jalan Intan, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak
Contact: Tel/Fax: 605-4658162
Resident Trainees: 15 persons
Service Users: 52 persons
Target Group: Disabled who have not or have yet completed formal primary school education.
Program & Services: Education and training, peer counseling, living skills, team work skills, out-door
extra-curricular, financial aids, related consultation.
Training partner: Dyna Book Computer Centre
Education program: Aim to equip trainees with ability to read, write, calculate, speak and operate computer.
Subjects include English, Chinese and Malay Languages, Hygienic knowledge, Morale education and Computer Course.

In the midst of our country’s fast paced development in knowledge-based economy, a group of disabled people is marginalized and they are unable to integrate into the mainstream of society today.

The Beautiful Gate Educational Centre For The Disabled in Kampar was set-up in 1999. Its purpose is to provide educational opportunity for those marginalized disabled people especially those who have been deprived of an opportunity to education, and those of the younger age group.

Beautiful Gate aspires to provide the disabled an opportunity in education and enhancement of their living skills, so that they can lead an independent and meaningful life.

Our Need

With the increase of students in Kampar Centre, we are looking forward to the expansion programme so that more students can be admitted to Beautiful Gate Educational Centre.

There is a plan to build an addition of 2 classrooms, 11 bedrooms, 1 computer room, 1 recreational room, 1 kitchen, 1 dinning hall and 1 office cum teachers’ room . The budget for the construction and the facilities is RM300 ,000.00. We hope to receive your support and contribution to provide an opportunity to the disabled so that they can be integrated back to the society.


金宝美门将继续保留过往提供的服务. 以下为2011年活动与计划;


  • 与金宝县议会、拉曼大学两支部合作推动酵素(接洽中)
  • 提供拉曼大专生一团体场地举办饥饿30营(接洽中)
  • 举办 “有爱 无障碍”(火车站,泊车位和环境便利)残障醒觉运动(有待商洽)
  • 培训一支舞蹈
  • 获发展商赠送一 依格土地
  • 征求教会捐助金宝美门运作费


  • 提供拉曼大学生实习
  • 提供同工带领灵修教材
  • 鼓励同工参与教会/美门培训课程
  • 鼓励同工与学员看完一本圣经以及收集教会主日单张并给予年终奖励
  • 设立最佳学员进步奖以及良好品行奖励(圣诞节活动进行)
  • 聘请一名全职老师。
  • 圣诞节与教会小组联合举办庆祝会


  • 探访残障朋友、学员家属
  • 捐助残障、戒毒中心和贫穷家庭干粮
  • 免费借,送轮椅与残障器材
  • 开放户外 / 外游活动机会给予残障朋友或有兴趣者参与
  • 开放给予拉曼大学生、中四生交流服务
  • 提供外面的需要者补习
  • 提供有需要者短期疗养
  • 将援助2名学员考取电单车执照



一、学习知识Learning to know (了解环境、生活技能、沟通语言、为兴趣而学事物)
Understand the environment , Learning to manage daily operation, Able to communicate, Find out interesting activities

二、学习做事 Learning to Do(完成个人与团体任务、办好事物的能力)
Complete individual task, To ensure the things well done

三、 学习做人 Learning to be(身心灵的健康、爱知识、好学习、思想敏锐具有思考能力)
Health in physical, Mental and spiritual, Love knowledge, Love to learn, Sense of sharp thinking

四、 学习相处 Learning to live together(重点去发现人与人的差异、从他人角度看问题、鼓励参与共同计划)
Think from different point of view before decision making, Encourage to participate in mutual activities