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Article from The Star Daily : Disabled Girl Finds Home

Thursday November 16, 2006        (By THOMAS TAN)

Ten-year-old wheelchair-bound Poon Pau Yee had to stop schooling last year as there was no one to send her to school.

Moreover, her school did not have facilities for the disabled.

Her father, an express bus driver, only sees her at home in Port Dickson a few times in a month due to his job commitment while her two elder siblings attend school on week days and do part-time jobs on weekends.

“My best friend is the television set at home,” said Pau Yee, who became wheelchair bound after she was struck by high fever at the age of five. Her mother had since passed away.

It was a neighbour who brought food for her regularly.

However, Pau Yee’s gloomy days ended when her aunt from Bukit Beruang here told her father about the Beautiful Gate Foundation’s centre for the disabled in Malacca.

Pau Yee has been living at the centre in Taman Merdeka Jaya since April.

She now looks toward attending school again in January.

“I’m happy to be here knowing that someone will be sending me to school soon,” said Pau Yee, who is tutored by Janet Low and Mark Chew, a disabled couple who work for the foundation.

Pau Yee will attend primary six at SK Gangsa, a special children’s school at Durian Tunggal in January.

Beautiful Gate Foundation here offers training on survival for the disabled, self-development skills, and computer and bakery classes at its single-storey terrace house.

It is the fifth centre after Petaling Jaya (Selangor), Kepong (Kuala Lumpur), Kampar (Perak) and Seremban (Negri Sembilan) set up by the foundation.

Foundation chairman Low How Juan said the Malacca centre needed volunteers and drivers to help in transporting the disabled in a van and also a computer expert to conduct computer classes at the centre.

“A few students from Multimedia University have volunteered to give computer lessons.  ”

“But we cannot rely on them totally as they have classes to attend.” said Low.

Depending on public donations, the centre plans to build a motorised gate and a roof for the vacant land beside the single-storey terrace house for outdoor activities.

The centre can be reached at 06-317 6461.

Wheelchairs For Those In Dire Need Of Help

Thursday March 9, 2006                (By CHRISTINA TAN)

Good news for the disabled. Beautiful Gate Foundation is giving away 10 wheelchairs to those who could not afford to buy their own.

Foundation executive director Sia Siew Chin said applications for the wheelchairs has been opened for people in Malacca and Johor.

“The wheelchairs are donated by individuals to the foundation and I hope those who need them will contact us,” she said after announcing the opening of the foundation’s new centre for disabled people in southern region.

This was the fifth centre after Petaling Jaya (Selangor), Kepong (Kuala Lumpur), Kampar (Perak) and Seremban (Negri Sembilan).

Earlier, Sia said she had received numerous calls from people in Malacca and Johor who were interested in the training provided by the foundation.

“We set up this centre eventually after two years of planning and we are open for registration for the disabled now,” said Sia.

The new centre is located in a single-storey corner house with three bedrooms in Taman Merdeka Jaya, Batu Berendam.

It can house eight people and accommodate about 30 people for daytime training programmes, she said.

Sia said the foundation spent RM12,500 to renovate the house, which was rent free.

The foundation also appealed for public donation for electrical items and furniture to operate the centre, she said, adding that items needed including refrigerator, washing machine, television, ceiling fans, wall exhaust fans, wall fans, microwave, rice cooker, slow cooker, single bed mattresses, computers, office equipment, chairs and tables.

Apart from training on surviving skills and self-development skills, Sia said the foundation planned to have computer classes for the disabled here.

She added that the foundation was also looking for full-time worker and volunteers for the new centre.

For donation, contact Willie Wong at 013-342 1071, or Sia at 019-2198440. The application for wheelchairs and training programmes call the centre at 06-282 7845.