Rehabilitation Centre

Beautiful Gate Foundation (Kepong Centre), Kuala Lumpur
Rehabilitation Centre For The Disabled

Since 1996

Address: 90 – 92, Persiaran Mergastua, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: Tel: 03-62763690  Fax:03-62727049
Resident Trainees: 20 persons
Service Users: 103 persons
Target Group: Dsabled caused by spinal injuries due to traffic accident, Industrial accident, etc.
Program & Services: Peer counseling, Independent Living Program, Motorbike Riding, Computer Repair Course, Out-door Activities, Financial Aids, Personal Care Services, Transportation Services, Related consultation, Physiotherapy, Sport.
Training partner: University Hospital Rehabilitation Department, General Hospital Rehabilitation Department, College of Prima Metropolitan.
Promoting sport: Organize Mini Sport Day annually which include wheelchair badminton, wheelchair table tennis, chess, etc..
Future plan:
  1. To set up 20 hawker stalls for disabled around Kepong township.
  2. To provide Personal Care Services for severely disabled people.

Objectives of Beautiful Gate Foundation (Kepong Centre) are to help and to provide services to disabled people who suffer from spinal injuries. Road accidents and severe falls are the causes in most spinal injuries cases. Other causes include incomplete spinal since birth, illnesses and surgery failures.

Apart from temporally accommodation for trainees to experience independent living life style, our Centre also provides rehab training services, which include skills on tranfer themself from one place to another, skill on motorbike driving, marketing, cooking, relationship building, etc.

Through Independent Living Program and Peer Counseling sessions,  trainees will learn to accept their disabilities and learn to take care of themselves. More importantly, they will be introduced on the suitable medication intake assistive devices needed, and various information which will help them carry out their daily activities actively .

For those who require consistent medical check-ups and therapies, the centre also provide transport services from Centre to hospital. Physio theraphy equipment are provided in centre for trainees who need to do daily exercises in order to strengthern their arms. In addition, assistance also given to deal with government department for registration and allowance application.

Beautiful Gate encourages trainees to participate in hospital visitation ie visiting patients, the disabled and friends. This help to rebuid their self confidence via giving hands to others who are in need.

With the church, Beautiful Gate always organise testimony night, aimed for congregation to join and enjoy the power of gospel.

Since the establishment in 1996, from a rented single-storey terrace house, Beautiful Gate Kepong Centre is now using a two and a half single-storey terrace house which belongs to CAC Methodist Church. We believe that this is God’s blessing and gift to us. And over the past years, Beautiful Gate Kepong Centre has provided training & accomodation to over 90 disabled members, whom have become independent individuals living on their own and accepting their disabilities.