Seremban Centre

Beautiful Gate Seremban Centre For The Disabled Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Since 2001

Address: 21, Taman Mambau Baru, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Contact: Tel/Fax: 606-6333037
Resident Trainees: 10 persons
Service Users: 45 persons
Target Group: People with disability surrounding state of Negeri Sembilan.
Nature of program: Handicraft training, Living skills, Out-door activities, Financial aids, Related consultation.
Training partner: Pusat Krafttangan Epal
Handicraft Program: Patchwork, Sewing, Flower Arranging, Piano Class

Beautiful Gate started its caring ministry to disabled community at Seremban in year 2001. On 1st of May, there was a Launching Ceremony of Computer Lesson For The Disabled Cum Food Fair officiated by Deputy Minister of Education. This event was full of enthusiastic support from the community. There was also 50 disabled members from Petaling Jaya, Kepong and Seremban joined the event.

In June, Beautiful Gate organized a charity concert performed by a famous choir from Taiwan. The crowd of concert shows the great support from the community in Seremban. Two months later, Beautiful Gate Computer Lesson was started with 2 disabled trainees, having at Mambau Chinese Methodist Church.

In July of year 2002, a shop house at Mambau is rented to provide accomodation and living skill training to more trainees. Currently, there are 10 disabled trainees in the centre

Year 2008, we have built our own building and in the process to set up the first arts centre for the disabled in Malaysia, Beautiful Gate Arts Centre For The Disabled, which will provide professional training in performing arts and visual arts. This new project still lack of total of RM 100,000.00 for equipment.