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Our Services For The Benefits Of The Disabled

Employment Services

The ambition of creating job opportunities for people with disability (PWDs) was set since the inception of Beautiful Gate Foundation. Since 2000, the centre regularly hosts awareness campaigns on employment for PWDs groups. In 2001, Beautiful Gate along with 24 other PWD organizations submitted the Memorandum of Employment of Disabled People to former Minister of Human Resource, Tan Sri. Dr. Fong Chan Onn. As a result, the government mandated corporations to include 1% PWDs in employment within public sector industries. Subsequently in 2006, Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled established the Job Placement Department.

Roles of Job Placement department:

  • To assist PWDs to find suitable jobs.
  • To appeal to corporations to create job opportunities for the disabled community.
  • Providing micro-financing service to help qualified PWDs to venture into self-employment.
  • Conduct Employment Empowering Programs (EEP) to improve PWDs employability skills.
  • Conduct Peer Counselling services and Job Coach services for job matching.
  • Provide knowledge on workplace accessibility for PWDs.
  • Disability Equality Training (DET) is provided to corporate staff to deal with disabled colleagues.

In order to enhance the opportunities of job matching between employers and PWDs, Beautiful Gate Foundation, with the assistance from JICA, SIFE of TARC, and SayIT, has initiated a job portal project This project was launched on the 27 February 2012 by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, YB Senator Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and witnessed by MP of Petaling Jaya Utara, YB Tony Pua.

The is the first job portal operated by the disabled for the disabled in Malaysia. Furthermore, we link the employers to Jabatan Pembangunan Orang Kurang Upaya, Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia, Job Coach Network Malaysia & Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia.

Our aim is to continuously include PWDs as an integral part of society, to positively contribute to the nation’s economic development, and to increase the employment rate of PWDs which is crucial to improve the welfare of PWDs in Malaysia.

For more information on Employment Services:
Contact : Ms. Stancy Ayu
Tel : 03- 7873 6579/ 018-3849101
Email :
Okujobs Facebook :

General Education

Beautiful Gate Foundation takes relevant steps to assist in various aspects of promoting the importance of education for all people with disabilities (PWDs). We believe in building better education systems for PWDs that will eventually prepare them for future career prospects.


General education programs are provided to cater to each PWD individual, including: public schooling, home schooling & college studies. The centre evaluates the trainees’ academic levels and seek for suitable schools and colleges.

personal development training

Apart from academics, training is another significant area in grooming our future leaders in various careers. These training programs are tailored according to the needs and learning requirements of PWD trainees. We focus in programs that provide practical and learning skills that contribute towards individual career paths, personal growth, and character building.

Training programs provided:
Public Speaking, Leadership Training & English Program
Weekly and monthly classes to assist and train them to acquire good verbal and presentation skills. We aim to nurture good leaders by encouraging our trainees to present during events or ceremonies.

Short Training Courses provided:
Personality Test (DISC Personality Profile) & Behavioral Growth, Time Management, Personal Financial Management, Chinese Writing Skills Course, Peer Counselling Training & Health Talk.

Computer Class

Weekly computer classes to educate them on basic computing knowledge such as typing skills, Word/Excel/Powerpoint, administration, and business skills.

Independent Living Program (ILP)

Independent Living Program teaches PWDs to learn and develop self-independence, build confidence, and acquire an overall quality lifestyle. ILP has helped many PWD trainees advance and reach for their goals.

Peer counselling

The centre provides peer counsellors who offer individual and group counselling to help PWDs improve their self-esteem, create positive relationships, and gain total wellness.

Vocational Training Services

Handicraft training at Seremban & PJ Centres
Craft Training & Charity Sale

To sewing class is a project-based training to facilitate people with disabilities (PWDs) to discover their individual competencies, aptitudes, and create job opportunities. The training also assists to promote awareness on disability and positive attitudes.

Under this training program PWD trainees learn to develop:

  • Basic skills and competency in handling various models of electronic sewing machines, tailoring, sewing, designing and handicraft.
  • Improvement of personal creativity & new sewing work methods.
  • Basic business and communication skills.

Craft products are individually hand-made by PWDs. Each item is carefully crafted in at least 20 minutes. The crafts are sold at Beautiful Gate P.J. centre. (Price ranges from RM5.00- RM250.00)

Additionally, we organise charity sales in malls and bazaars on a monthly basis to raise funds for the centre’s programs and services, and thus seek your generous support.

Baking skills at Melaka Centre

Baking Class
Baking classes are held at the centre to allow PWD members to acquire basic baking skills (variety of cakes, breads & biscuits) to enhance their skills, discover their abilities, earn extra income, and raise funds for the centre.

Chili Plantation at Puchong Centre
Coffee Roasting & Packaging

The Beautiful Gate Foundation has recently started investing in a coffee project to create future opportunities for employment and to help PWDs gain experience in entrepreneurship.

The program also supports the mission & social work of the Methodist Church in helping the villagers of the Northern Territory Missionary District of Northern Thailand to produce coffee beans.

We are also partnering with entrepreneurs, academics & coffee professionals to offer consumers a more exceptional product whilst at the same time investing in a promotional & marketing platform to develop a business opportunity that can have more impact.

The product is made from specially selected Arabica coffee beans grown 1,000 to 1,200 feet above sea level from the Chiang Rai Mission District located at the Thai & Myanmar border. The beans are professionally roasted and ground through a special process that is all-natural.

The objectives of the Beautiful Gate Foundation’s involvement in this project are as follows:

  1. Support mission and social work services in the Northern Territory Missionary District of Northern Thailand.
  2. Provide coffee-related technical training to staff, disabled friends and volunteers which will result in employment & entrepreneurial opportunities.
  3. Give PWDs an opportunity to be self-reliant and economically independent.
  4. To promote natural and healthy coffee.

Please support us by ordering our coffee.

Drip Bag Coffee

  • 1 Box of 5 sachets – RM30.00
  • 1 Box of 10 sachets – RM52.00

Roasted Beans

  • Chiang Rai Thailand 200g – RM 40.00
  • Colombia Popayan Reserve 200g – RM  45.00
  • Ethipia Guji Shakisso G4 Top – RM 55.00
  • Brazil Caldas Royale 200g – RM 40.00

Please support us by ordering our coffee at 019-384 9808


Beautiful Gate Performing Arts Troupe was launched by Deputy Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow on August 13, 2003. It aims to promote kindred spirits, passion for arts, demonstrate determination of learning and self-development, and to reveal the potential of people with disabilities (PWDs).

Beautiful Gate hopes to provide an opportunity for the disabled community to acquire knowledge, dance skills, as well as a positive impact on physical and mental health.

Objectives of Beautiful Gate Performing Arts Troupe:

  • To demonstrate the determination of learning and self-development of PWDs and transmit the message of determination to the public.
  • To increase accessibility and interest from the understanding of the potential of PWDs.
  • To reach out the disabled community as well as society
  • To integrate PWDs with society.
  • To promote a loving and caring spirit.
  • To create job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
  • To create revenue from the centre’s Performing Arts Troupe operation.

Beautiful Gate Performing Arts Troupe have been invited to perform locally in Sabah and Sarawak, and internationally in Thailand, Singapore, Manila and Korea.

Welfare & Care

Beautiful Gate provides comprehensive support to people with disabilities (PWDs) who require welfare & care services or basic needs. We are delighted to assist you to exercise your rights and social care benefits.

Services provided are as follows

1. Assist PWDs in various applications:

  • OKU card
  • Elaun Pekerja OKU (EPC) (allowance for PWD workers)
  • Welfare aids (OKU, senior citizens)
  • Assistive devices (wheelchair, walking aid, hand-held magnifier, hearing aid etc.)
  • Driving license
  • Food aid rations
  • PRUkasih (work-cover FREE Protection Plan)

2. Home visitations
3. Hospital visitations
4. Referral services

Application channel
1. Persons eligible for the service may contact the centre to apply for the service.
* Application is open to all people with disabilities (PWDs) who reside in Malaysia.


Beautiful Gate PJ center started to provide physiotherapy services for our trainees in 2020. This service aims to train, preserve, or improve the muscle strengths of the trainees, especially those with physical disabilities. Ranging from individual exercises to group exercises, our disabled trainees have been showing improvements in their physical capabilities such as being able to stand upright, walk with a proper posture, better balance while walking and etc. Great applause to our physiotherapists who whole heartedly helped our trainees to achieve such substantial milestones.

Beautiful Gate Recycling Activities

Beautiful Gate introduced its recycling activities in 2000. There are two main objectives of setting up Beautiful Gate Recycling Centre; to create job opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and to aid the financial costs of the centre.

In 2004, with the assistance of Yayasan Sin Chew and World Vision, Beautiful Gate successfully setup the Beautiful Gate Recycling Centre in SS2 Petaling Jaya.

As of 2014, Embassy of Japan in Malaysia contributed 210 recycle bins to Beautiful Gate to aid in bringing our recycling mission to more communities. Since then, the centre has successfully placed our green bins in condominiums, churches, kindergarten, schools, and colleges.

Paper (Newspapers, cardboard boxes, magazines, books)
Plastic & Tin (Plastic bottles, tin cans, tin containers)
Clothing (Good condition)
Electrical (Working & non-working)
Aluminium & Steel (Wheelchair, etc)

For adoption of recycle bins & collection matters, please contact:

Beautiful Gate Petaling Jaya
Contact : Mr. Jet
Tel : 03-7873 6579/ WhatsApp 019-384 9808
Email :
Beautiful Gate Kampar
Contact: Ms. Penny
Tel : 05-4684730 / 012-4533061
Email :
Beautiful Gate Klang
Contact : Mr. Samuel Siah
Tel : 03-3373 6094 / 012-2977797
Email :

Advocacy & Awareness

Over the years, Beautiful Gate Foundation has been a strong advocate for Disability Awareness. We emphasise on the importance of an accessible environment. What does an accessible environment mean? It means convenient movement in streets, squares, parks, yards and playgrounds. Besides that, it includes easy access to buildings, unimpeded movement, and stair-less access from one place to another. This is in addition to in-between transport modes and clear directional signs.

Once the objectives of an “accessible environment” is achieved, people with disabilities (PWDs) could not only move conveniently around places and visit tourist destinations, but also developing independence and sustainability among the disabled community.

The services and facilities for accessible environment are not only for PWDs, but also for senior citizens, pregnant women, temporarily disabled people, baby trolley and many others. Our aim is to work closely with the public and private sectors to achieve the goal of an accessible environment for an inclusive, sustainable, and equitable living for all.

Beautiful Gate’s accessible environment consultants have evaluated the accessibility of the following locations: Menara Sunway, Asia Over Land, Suriamas Condominium, Wisma GAMUDA, IKEA, IPC Shopping Centre, Streets around of Petaling Jaya and MBPJ buildings. These locations are moving towards being a more disabled-friendly facility.

Disabilities Awareness Campaigns:
  • 5th International Conference on Accessible Tourism (ICAT) 2014
  • South East Asia Conference on Accessible Tourism (SEACAT) 2013
  • Asia Pacific Network on Accessible Tourism (APNAT) 2012
Access Audit and Consultation for Barrier Free Environment

Although the Government and private sector have the MS 1184:2014 as guidelines to provide accessibility for the disabled when constructing buildings and infrastructure, we believe only the disabled people themselves know best what they need and whether the requirements are met. As such, we also provide access audit and consultation services to the Government and private sectors to ensure that facilities such as ramps, walkways, slopes, toilets, service counters, elevators, entrances and the like are not only duly provided, but are also properly constructed in compliance with the disabled users’ requirements.

Disability Equality Training

We provide Disability Equality Training to the public and private sector bodies and other Non-Governmental Organisations as many of them have gradually realised that their work practices and policies fall far short of fulfilling the needs, rights, and aspirations of disabled people who are their clients, customers, service recipients, and co-workers. In order to change this situation, they need to turn to disabled people for input and guidance. From this realisation, it has resulted in growing demand for such training run by disabled people, which aims to help people understand the meaning of disability, identify changes in work practice, and plan strategies to implement change.

Sporting activities

Beautiful Gate P.J. centre continuously highlights the importance of recreational and sporting activities for all people with disability (PWDs). The centre values the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, above all, the rehabilitative influence sports have on PWDs.

The centre encourages and offers numerous recreational and sporting activities for the physically disabled to encourage the participation of sports and enhance their physical and mental health. Our recreational sports include: swimming, boccia and wheelchair dancing.

The recreational sporting activities aim to:

  • Adopt positive attitudes about the inclusion of PWDs in recreational and sporting activities.
  • Allow PWDs to gain holistic wellness (e.g. physical health, accountability, dedication, leadership etc.).
  • Accessibility awareness: public sporting clubs need to consider their buildings, facilities and sports equipment are accessible to people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities.


To provide transport service to the disabled people. All our vans are customised with a wheelchair accessible lift.The service provides opportunities for PWDs to participate in daily activities which enables them to live independently.

Support persons with
disabilities make a living!